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Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze – we are artists based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our main medium is text, video games, CGI videos.

In our work, whether its text or a CGI/documentary video, we try to translate political or personal feelings into visual signs and words, and turn them into allegorical signs.

What inspires us is: cities, borders, mistakes, contemporary rituals and mythology, Heterotopias, non-places, forgotten and lost stories. The conditions that are caused by modern politics and loneliness. Something that remains but is invisible, something we fear and prefer not to talk about.

Videos from 2020: State of emergency, 80%, Lost and found – Spell to find the lost one, Under the open sky, Tomorrow will be the war.

Our recent curatorial projects are: Virtual museum of contemporary art; Festival of words – that involves all kinds of text-related formats and is exploring different ways for sharing various texts; Tbilisi Online Biennale – series of digital interventions, residencies and exhibitions that emerges in various digital zones.

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