works on this page are [walkthrough] videos of real time 3d interactives [videogames].

lost and found – a spell to return a lost one

This is place where the lost, the baffled, the vanished ones are gathered, waiting to see the road ahead. These words weave into a thread; and the lost ones will follow it to find their ways back home. 

under the open sky

this is a story of homelessness. A story of eviction; of lost, mortgaged, sold houses; the houses left beyond the border. thousands of people have lost their homes since the 90s in georgia. 

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This is a poem about the homeland. If you subtract the occupied areas, whatever remains, about 80 percent. The text used in the video came from tourist campaign slogans used by the Georgian government over the past several years.

state of emergency

The video game and its story represent thoughts collected during the isolation. In this world, the city is a maze, time is conditional.  “State of emergency” is an attempt to describe and preserve time.