Mariam Natroshvili

Birth date and place – 09.11.1987. Tbilisi. Georgia

Detu Jintcharadze

Birth date and place – 16. 07.1984

Artistic Projects:

2020: State of emergency. Interactive 3d computer graphic installation. 

2020: Home alone. Platform for video game based projects. 

2019: Dictionary of protest. Multimedia project for Indigo magazine.

2019: Secret. Festival “Rivers magic garden”. Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2019: Silence, Artisterium on the road, Kutaisi, Georgia.

2019: Under the same sky, Exhibition Oxygen, Stamba hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2019: Welcome; Exhibition Shipwreck, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2019: Heros’ Square. Take over of monthly magazine Indigo.

2018: Unforgetting. In-between conditions, Khidi, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2018: Possibly someone is secretly listening to us. Artisterium, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2018: This was the dream they‘ve seen. Festival Adress’ Batumi, Georgia. 

2018: The garden city will be here.Tbilisi architecture biennial, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2018: Without saying a word. Kunsthaus Zofingen, Switzerland.

2018: Are you here?. Text work. One was Going Down to The Road, Zurich, Switzerland.

2017: Museum of masterpieces. Artisterium 10. Tbilsii, Georgia. 

2017: სად ხარ ეხლა? (Where are you now?). Text. Georgia, village Chkhvishi. 

2017: Adornment. Text, 585 gold, 3gr. Exhibition Find the women. Tbilisi History museum. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2017: Abkhazia is my pain. Video. Exibition “Linear approximations”. Dnipr, Ukraine.

2016: Mosque route. Touristic route. Go south west to Ghorjomi. Adjara, Georgia.

2016: Tomorrow. Text, iron. Mazniashvili str 7/9, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2016: Pieces from the golden hill. Site specific installation. SOU Festival. Archeology depository.Tbilisi,Georgia. 

2016: If. Painting. Exhibition “writing with color”; Europe House, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2015: Exchange Rate; Intervention in pawn shop. Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2015: It was and it was not; Text sculpture; Mtskheta, Georgia. 

2015: Fear. Contemporary Mythology; Text, video. Artisterium 2015 “What’s on your mind”, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2015:  Documentation of project HTTP; Art in resistance; Munich, Germany;

2015: Museum of red winds; Site specific installation, archive. Fest I Nova Garikula,Georgia.

2015: დრო; (Time); Text work; Billboard project; Tbilisi, Georgia.

2014: ხვალ; (Tomorrow); Text work; PopiashviliGvaberidze Window Project. Tbilsii, Georgia.

2014: 404 not found; Text work; Contemporary Istanbul, 90 minutes show. Istanbul, Turkey.

2014:  News museum;  Installation; Artisterium 7 “Houston we have a problem”; Tbilisi, Georgia.

2014: Lazika ghost city; video, text installation, photography. Survival Kit 6 “Utopian City”; Riga, Latvia.

2014:  Continue without saving; Text on glass; Springhouse festival; Dresden, Germany.

2014: Browse over 250000 unique pieces of art; Text on concrete; Vacant Tbilisi; Tbilisi, Georgia;

2014: Message expired or not available; Text on canvas. Former residency building of president of Georgia;

2014: Please wait… Photo print; Supermarket; Stockholm, Sweden.

2014: Untitled; Drawings; Hit Me Where It Hurts; Binz39; Zurich, Switzerland.

2013: Room N 50;  Drawing on Vitrine; Gallery Souterrain; Zurich, Switzerland;

2013: Floes Vitae; Installation; Response:abilities; Villa Arson, Nice,  France.

2013: SPAM; Texts in various urban spaces;. Zurich, Switzerland.

2013: Today or tomorrow; Text on concrete; Batumi, Georgia;

2013: Museum of Superstitions; Site specific installation; Batumi Backyard Stories; Batumi, Georgia.

2013: Black Box; Projection/Object; Possibilities.Station N2; Tbilisi, Georgia;

2013: HTTP; (Ongoing project), Texts in various urban spaces; Tbilisi, Georgia;

2012: Game; Photography; Tbilisi Triennial Offside Effect; Tbilisi, Georgia;

2011: City as a book; Street art; Tbilisi, Georgia;

Curatorial Projects:

2020: All this might be dream. exhibition in a video game. 

2019: Frequently asked questions: Residency for writers, publication and exhibition of the texts. 

2018: Match girl; Workshop and interventions in public/private spaces. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2018: Dictionary of foreign words; Intervention within Literature Festival Tbilisi.

2018: Instructions; Workshop and intervention in shop.

2017: Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi (Museum on move);

2017: Who Will Still the Roaring of The Seas?; SOU Festival, Expo Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2017: Illegal Kosmonavtika; Apexart franchise program; Tbilisi, Georgia.

2017: War from my window; Writers’ House. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2016: Museum of word. Museum of Literature. Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2016: Art newspaper “Revolver”; Co – founder, editor. 

2016: Fest i Nova 2016: Future Memory; Garikula, Georgia. 

2015: Chiatura. Time Machine; Cable car station and cable car cabins. Chiatura, Georgia.

2015: Word a day to be wiped away; Exhibition of group Relax and co.Center of Contemporary Art -Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2015: Billboard Project; Tbilisi, Georgia

2013: Possibilities.Station N2. Cable car station. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2012: Another Body, Center of Contemporary Art -Tbilisi, Tbilsii, Georgia.

2012: Fifth Phase, Centre of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi, Georgia.


2020: Fotograf gallery residency, Prague, Czech Republic.

2019: Study trip to Poland orginized by Adam Mickiewicz. Institute. 

2018: Aoexart residency; New – York, USA.

2016: Points of approaching; Dnipro, Ukraine. 

2016: Go south west to Ghorjomi. Adjara, Georgia.

2014: Springhouse; Dresden, Germany.

2013: Binz39; Zurich, Switzerland.

2013: Batumi Backyard Stories. Batumi, Georgia.


2019: Heros’ Square. Take over of monthly magazine Indigo.

2018: Beauty of resistance; Interview with the artist group The Centre for Political Beauty;

2018: Museum of fairy tales; Preface for the publication of the project “Museum in museum”;

2018: Fragments of the dawn; Interview with artist and writer Zura Jishkariani; 

2017: My president; 

2017: Foreign heavens; Review of exhibition of artist Anka Bochorishvili;

2016: Founder and editor at art newspaper Revolver.

Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze are Tbilisi-based artist duo. Working mainly in public spaces in their artistic and curatorial projects, they bring art to unexpected places, questioning the possibility of a different future.

A key element of their art practice is a text, written “off the page”. With words and sentences artists give titles to the places to reveal what is invisible.

Duo are founders of the museum on the move – Museum of Contemporary Art Tbilisi. Recently they have founded platform of words – Frequently asked questions – that involves all kinds of text-related formats.

In 2020 after the pandemic duo created online platform “home alone” for their video game based exhibitions and installations. At the moment Mariam and Detu are working on video game based interactive 3d computer graphic installations and videos.